Patient Information
First Step:
Second Step:
Visit CK Plastic Surgery Clinic

Reception: Upon arrival patients will be asked to provide their photo ID and Covid-19 vaccine card if available (if unavailable we will provide a Covid-19 test for a fee of $25), fill out a medical questionnaire, have their chart prepared, and take pre-examination photographs.

After the initial steps, patients will meet with our consultants to address concerns or ask any questions, followed by a comprehensive consultation with Dr. K Charles Kim to schedule and review details of the operation.

Third Step:
Pre-Operative Preparation:

Informed Consent: Discussion of the operative plans and the risk, benefits, and alternatives.

Blood Test:
Used to assess general health status.

Medical Clearance: Used to clear patient of any potential risks or side effects due to a previous condition.

Anesthesia Options:

Local Anesthesia: A combination of oral medications, topical creams, and/ or local injections are used for minor procedures.

Twilight Sedation:
Both local and intravenous sedatives are given for most procedures.  Patients are moderately sedated but arousable.

General Anesthesia: Inhalation sedatives are additionally given to provide deep sedation larger procedures such as breast augmentations, and tummy tucks.

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